My intention for this blog

Firstly, I’m a photographer/stylist, specializing in architecture and interiors. I love historic buildings, eclectic décor & modern design. I’m also an art, music, and food lover. I revel in all things that create “culture” – experiencing and documenting it, both locally and in my world travels, through the medium of photography and the written word.

It’s also worth noting that, without fail, no matter where I am, people always ask me for recommendations. If I’m on vacation, I’m often mistaken for a local and asked my opinion about where to go for fun activiities, amazing food, picturesque photo opts, etc. Perhaps it’s because I love to do research about the places I visit beforehand, so that by the time I get there, I’m already an “expert” of sorts. I much prefer to go “incognito”, doing as the locals do instead of hitting up tourist destinations. Doing my homework ahead of time, enables me to venture further off the beaten path, deepen the quality of my travels, and maximize my time in a destination.

And when I discover something that I absolutely love, I always want to turn other savvy folks onto it too. I really delight in sharing suggestions about my favorite places and it fills me with joy when people report back and tell me what a great experience they had based on my tips. So, I’m currently combining all of my interests: photography & digital cartography, style & design, food & art + lists & maps, musings & recommendations = my photo website and wordpress blog, which I happily share with all of YOU, the people who love this stuff as much as I do!

Welcome to my EYE FOR STYLE BLOG!


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  1. Thank you for your interesting post.

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