Celebrating Sakura Matsuri

Sakura Matsuri is a yearly “rite of spring” event at Brooklyn Botanic Gardens celebrating the revered cherry blossom and the diversity of Japanese culture, with over 60 events and performances all weekend long. Visitors can sample a wide variety of traditional Japanese music and dance including: taiko drumming, butoh performances, and flower hat dancing, or the more contemporary fare of today’s techno DJ, anime, and manga culture. There are dozens of all-ages presentations, ceremonies, and workshops to participate in, including ikebana flower arranging, tea ceremonies, cosplay photo shoots, and more.

Avid photographers, pro and amateur alike, will undoubtedly eat this event up with a spoon as people-watching is truly at it’s best here. It’s a unique mix of stroller toting urban families, excited little kids running wild, couples enjoying a romantic day out, young goth/lolita Cosplayers having tea parties and snapping pictures on their mobile devices, and Japanese performers dressed head-to-toe in traditional garb. Certainly a lot to take in! In spite all the activity, you may opt to just come and enjoy the gardens by spreading your blanket on the lawn, breathing in the sweet fresh air, and daydreaming amidst the beautifully lush greenery and happy people. When you’re ready for a stroll, head to the floral gardens, greenhouses, and bonsai exhibits to revel in the fact that spring has finally sprung!

Brooklyn Botanic Gardens
900 Washington Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11225
May 1 – 2, 2010
10 am – 6 pm

Here’s a gallery of my favorite photos of the day. For more of my portrait and event photography, please visit my website: eyeforstyle.net.


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One response to “Celebrating Sakura Matsuri

  1. These are some great shots you put up. What are your thoughts of the infusion of Japanese pop culture with traditional Japanese culture?

    We also interviewed Katie Blumm, the Communications Manager of the event, about the incorporation of cosplayers too. It’s interesting to see how it all came about. You can check it out: http://blog.samuraibeatradio.com/2010/05/12/sakura-matsuri-2010.aspx

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