The Poffertjes Man

I opted to stay in the city over the holiday weekend, so I decided it might be a good idea to venture down to the Hester Street Fair in search of yummy eats, minus the hoardes of visitors that the fair typically attracts during the other summer weekends. It was an excellent call, as I was actually able to walk through the relatively small slice of prime Lower East Side park space and leisurely chat with all the vendors, as I sampled their artisanal goodies.

My favorite find of the day was, hands down, The Poffertjes Man. I lingered for quite awhile as Brett, the Man, made one round after another of these delightful little bite-size Dutch pancakes right before my very eyes. His wife, a total sweetheart with the gift of gab, mans the table with a friendly, inviting air, answering questions and gently inspiring onlookers to give this fairly uncommon treat a try, though these babies really sell themselves. They are recent transplants to the city and their passion for sharing poffertjes, and participating in NYC street food culture in general, is instantly apparent once you start to chat.

On this particular Saturday, they were serving up plain poffertjes – with a heaping  dollup of real butter and powdered sugar – as well as “monkey style” – with sliced banana and a thick pour of Costa Rican chocolate on top. Hell yes.

I went for the plain version, so I could really get a good taste of the pancake on my first foray. I’ll definitely be back for more in the coming weeks, as they serve different variations every weekend, including strawberry or lingonberry, depending on what’s fresh and currently in season.

The Poffertjes Man

Hester Street Fair @ Essex St., between Grand & Canal

Lower East Side, NYC

Every Saturday 10 am – 6 pm 

Through October 2011


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  1. Loving your work! Very inspirational 🙂

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