Hello Again

Hello, my friend, hello. Just blogged to let you know…

No, this post is not going to be about Neil Diamond, though his song did pop into my mind as soon as I sat down to write this for some reason. (Yes, I AM a 70’s child).

So, you may or may not have noticed that it’s been a while since my last blog post (= understatement). I admit it – I completely and utterly fell off the blog-wagon. This was not just some brief hiatus, or your average dry spell. No. This was full-on radio silence, emergency drought conditions, one loooong bout of absolutely nada. Could you hear the crickets?!

Yep, I was in a serious rut – artistically, personally, professionally. I was in the thick of battling some painfully persistent photo/writer’s block. My perfectionism got the better of me. I turned procrastination into my new art form. I lost my way and forgot what was important to me for a while.

I could’ve easily packed this blog with posts about other people’s events, cool music videos, pretty photos, timely quotes, whatever; something, anything, in an effort to keep this page current, my SEO “optimized”. I wanted to. I really did. I thought long and hard about it. (Agonized is more like it.) But I didn’t. I just LET IT GO. And my last post has sat there ever since, staring me in my face daily, unchanged in my Safari Top Sites, as a reminder of all that I “haven’t been doing”.

That said, I’m actually proud to report that I resisted the urge to merely fill this feed with fluff & stuff, instead opting to wade through the extreme uncomfortable-ness of taking a near blackout break from social media, to just sit with it for a stretch. I needed to get quiet; a time out, to take stock. I needed to figure out why I felt stumped and what the blocks were about. I needed to get clarity about what I truly want to be doing with my life, and where I want to be doing it. I needed to make some BIG LIFE CHANGES.

I mean, at the end of the day, is it about quality or quantity? I decided to choose quality and take some time to re-assess what I want this space to be, for me AND for my readers.

This post is my way of letting you know that I have stumbled through that tunnel of contemplation and “not knowingness”, only to come out the other side refreshed, re-focused, and ready to hit the ground running. Yep, I’m back! Better and stronger, new and improved, WITH a game plan. YES!

Much change has occurred in the last 7 months. Luckily, I kept writing, even when it felt like pulling teeth, even though I kept it to myself. Now I feel like it’s finally the right time to share what happened with you – and I’m so jazzed to do that!

WARNING: Eye For Style’s blog content is going to take a bit of a shift from here on out. It’s going to get a little more personal for a spell. I’ve got some stories to tell; a few life lessons, epiphanies, and experiences I’d like to relate. Stories that I believe other creative, urban, spiritually minded types who are in passionate pursuit of discovering their life’s purpose will relate to.

DO NOT FEAR: Eye For Style will still continue to dish up all the awesome art, culture, food/drink, design, and travel content you’ve come to know and love. I could not be more dedicated to exploring all of these sweet treasures of life. It is an indelible part of who I am. It is simply in my blood to seek out maximum beauty and pleasure; to share my discoveries and tricks of trade, no matter where I may find myself. Keeping all these gems to myself is no fun! I will always love touting my favorites; sharing insider tips; making spot-on recommendations to keep other savvy souls like you “in the know” about the greatest offerings the best cities in the world have on tap. I will always love snapping photos, crafting words, and making my carefully curated findings look freaking pretty! None of this will change. In fact, I’m committed to even more original, quality content moving forward. Pinky swear.

But first, let’s catch up, dear friend. I fell off the radar and have some explaining to do. My bad. It wasn’t you, it was totally me. Allow me to share some stories about where I’ve been, so you know where I’m coming from, and where we’re going. I promise, these tales are worth sticking around for. (If you don’t think so, tell me. That’s what friends are for.)

That’s right, I’d like your feedback. Can you relate to any of my recent AHA! moments? Have you ever needed to take a time out and re-group? Please post a comment below. I’d love to hear from you. This might be cyberspace, but one of my favorite parts of the internet is the sharing and connecting we have the opportunity to do through this “world wide web” of ours.

Thanks in advance for your support and I look forward to hearing from you. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the unfolding of my recent course correction. If something resonates, pass it along to a friend? Hopefully your friends will discover a take away tidbit too. And be sure to SUBSCRIBE (in the top right hand corner of this page) so you can receive all my freshly pressed posts directly to your inbox when they go live every week!

With love,

Well, maybe it’s a little about Neil Diamond:


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