a california girl in new york cityI’m Carly Caryn, an LA woman, happily living in Greenwich Village. A 24/7 freelance artist, photographer, and writer. I spent over a decade photo documenting architectural historic preservation projects and wardrobe/prop styling for print & TV in Los Angeles. I moved to Manhattan in 2008, to explore my passion for the most diverse culinary culture in the world, and now specialize in food + travel.

I love all things art, food, culture, and design-related. I love happening upon things of beauty and capturing them in their element. I love telling stories with colorful language. I love sharing information and making it look pretty. I love turning other savvy souls onto my favorite things and recommending the perfect “no fail zone” to get exactly what you’re searching for. I share these loves through my Eye For Style blog – a mash-up of urban tales, photos, must do lists, and maps.

I’m a modern day California hippie chick, East Village New Yorker who oozes personal style and postive energy. An eclectic vintage, rock & roll, color happy, Burning Man babe. I’m one organized, pragmatic, think outside of box, left-handed Virgo. I dream big and shoot for the stars, with my feet firmly on the ground.

I am the real deal – authentic, geniune, honest. I believe the Universe is conspiring to shower me with blessings. I have faith that everything is unfolding for our highest good. I don’t believe in competition or regrets. I trust the process of life and go with the flow. I make conscious choices and take deliberate action. My life is a work of art and I am constantly in the process of creation.

I am an adventurous spirit; a traveler, not a tourist. I am a nature lover who cares deeply for our environment. I am a resourceful, radically responsible, green human being. I’m committed to setting a positive example and practicing mindful living.

If you’re dying to hear more, please read: Some Backstory – a brief history of my life and career in Los Angeles; the AHA! moments that led me From Hollywood to New York City; and check out my photography website: eyeforstyle.net.

Thanks for visiting and let’s create some ART together!



2 responses to “About

  1. Chicas

    What would we all do without the presence of the marvellous ideas you reveal on this blog? Who else comes with the tolerance to deal with important topics with regard to common subscribers like me? My spouse and i and my buddies are very blessed to have your site among the types we frequently visit. It is hoped you know what a great deal of pleasure we take in your work! Best wishes coming from us all.

  2. lets meet up for a yummy conversation and maybe our worlds will overlap.
    You had contacted me over a year ago about a position I was looking to fill, I did not fill it, but would like to talk to you and see if there might be a fit now.
    Thanks, Cindy

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