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Introducing: Eye For Style Maps

After tons of research, and many foodie photo missions over the last 2 years, I am happy to present Eye For Style’s “Best of NYC” – my absolute favorite, highly recommended, culinary and cultural hotspots. Each awesome destination has been personally hand picked and mapped out, with original photography and reviews, by yours truly. Featuring topics such as NYC’s Best: coffee, pizza, brunch, burgers, cheap eats, vintage clothing, and more!

For the complete list of Eye For Style Maps, click here.

Disclaimer: I’m a die-hard Greenwich Villager and Loisiada, and make no bones about the fact that, in my opinion, The Village and Lower East Side are the best neighborhoods in New York City. My maps reflect this biased love – and I’m totally cool with it. These are my stomping grounds, my passion, my point of view.

That said, I love good food, wherever it may live, and I can occasionally be lured above 14th Street, or to the nether lands of the outer boroughs, for truly excellent eats. I would love to hear your comments and opinions about what YOU consider to be the “Best of NYC”. Please share your picks here and I’ll be sure to add them to my list. As much as I love giving suggestions, I love receiving suggestions even more, so dish the scoop. I’m all ears!

Since it’s almost Valentine’s Day, you’ve probably been racking your brain or scouring the web for that perfect romantic dinner spot, some better than average chocolates, and/or an intimate booth to grab a cocktail? If you’re still drawing a blank, make it easy on yourself and check out my maps of the Best Dinner Date Spots, Best Sweets and Chocolate, and Best Watering Holes for up-to-the minute tips on the ideal locale to wine, dine, and treat your sweetheart. Every one of these places are a guaranteed “no fail zone”. Pick any recommendation from the list with confidence, so you can simply focus on charming the pants off your date. You can thank me later…


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My intention for this blog

Firstly, I’m a photographer/stylist, specializing in architecture and interiors. I love historic buildings, eclectic décor & modern design. I’m also an art, music, and food lover. I revel in all things that create “culture” – experiencing and documenting it, both locally and in my world travels, through the medium of photography and the written word.

It’s also worth noting that, without fail, no matter where I am, people always ask me for recommendations. If I’m on vacation, I’m often mistaken for a local and asked my opinion about where to go for fun activiities, amazing food, picturesque photo opts, etc. Perhaps it’s because I love to do research about the places I visit beforehand, so that by the time I get there, I’m already an “expert” of sorts. I much prefer to go “incognito”, doing as the locals do instead of hitting up tourist destinations. Doing my homework ahead of time, enables me to venture further off the beaten path, deepen the quality of my travels, and maximize my time in a destination.

And when I discover something that I absolutely love, I always want to turn other savvy folks onto it too. I really delight in sharing suggestions about my favorite places and it fills me with joy when people report back and tell me what a great experience they had based on my tips. So, I’m currently combining all of my interests: photography & digital cartography, style & design, food & art + lists & maps, musings & recommendations = my photo website and wordpress blog, which I happily share with all of YOU, the people who love this stuff as much as I do!

Welcome to my EYE FOR STYLE BLOG!

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From Hollywood to New York City

Hello World! I’m Carly. I spent the first 33 years of my life “cutting my teeth” in Hollywood, California. After a whirlwind trip to the Big Apple in November 2007, I suddenly and quite unexpectedly knew, with every fiber of my being, that I needed to make a huge life change and move to New York City.  NYC is honestly never, EVER a city I thought I’d live in. I always thought that New York would “chew me up and spit me out” and that my laid back, California vibe would probably not mesh so well with the 24/7 hustle & bustle of loud & dirty, show no pity, New York City.

But during that short visit, New York spoke to me. LOUDLY. It said, “You must be HERE!” It was intoxicating. The skyscrapers, bright lights, yellow taxi cabs, crushes of people, the deafening pulse and non-stop electricity flowing through the streets – it got inside me. I was energized in a way that I hadn’t been in a long, long time. It was like, flipping on a light switch and turning up the volume full blast! I felt so ALIVE.

And I’d been feeling rather stagnant in Los Angeles. I’d sort of plateued in my LA career and I had been looking for the next big thing to sink my teeth into for some time. So, I returned to LA and spent months researching and making plans. I went to NY for one steamy hot July to catsit for a vacationing friend (and to make sure I could really hang and “wasn’t romanticizing everything”). After I got over my first day jitters, I immediately felt at home – and happy. Plans fell effortlessly into place, I secured an apartment, and on my 34th birthday (9/5/08), I made the big cross country move to Greenwich Village.

I’ve been living here in NYC for just over a year now and so much has happened in such a short time, it feels like my life in LA was a million years ago. In hindsight, I wish I’d started a blog right when I moved here. It would’ve been so great to have documented my first year here right from the get go. All the brand spanking new lessons and revelations, trials and tribulations. I arrived in the city, and hit the ground running, exploring all the little nooks and crannies of NYC, with so many still to discover. Each neighborhood truly has a different architectural flavor, food culture, ethnic diversity, art and music scene. Every day I chose different area to explore, on “photo missions” with my camera, to build my NYC photography portfolio and website from square one.

Being the perfectionist that I am, I’ve been contemplating how best to start this blog for the past 6 months. “But where do I start the story? I’m right in the middle of it! Do I start from the beginning and post the photography I’ve already shot? Or do I just start right now and focus on my most current work?!”  Ultimately, I’ve chosen to embrace a “JUST DO IT!” and “no time like the present!” attitude, so I will start TODAY. I will start where I’m at, in the present moment, as I enter into my second year in NYC, and I will figure out how to fill in the blanks as I go along. This perfect moment I’ve been waiting for, does not exist. It’s become more important to me to do it, and officially set the creative process in motion, than for it to be perfect. So, let the experiment begin!


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Some backstory:

I’m Carly Caryn, a photographer and stylist, based out of my two favorite historic neighborhoods, New York City’s Greenwich Village and the Hollywood Knolls in Los Angeles, CA.

I’m a rare breed of Hollywood, California native whose love of architecture first began at the age of five, though I didn’t know it yet. My mother would drag me along on the historic walking tours of Los Angeles that she lead in the early 1980’s. I was known affectionately as “the preservation kid”, and grew up attending open house tours, boarding meetings, and community outreach events sponsored by organizations such as Hollywood Heritage, The Los Angeles Conservancy, California Preservation Foundation, and National Trust for Historic Preservation. Despite my perceived adolescent boredom with these subjects at the time, something resonated deep within…

I went on to attend UCLA’s School of Theatre, Film, and TV and later, Art Center College of Design, where I graduated with a BFA in Film, a music video reel, and delusions of grandeur about becoming the next hot MV director, a la Spike Jonze. Shortly thereafter, Historic Resources Group, one of LA’s top architectural and historic preservation firms, offered me the opportunity to photograph the Hall of Justice in Downtown Los Angeles for its CA State Office of Historic Preservation Tax Credit application.

One photography assignment lead to another, and over the last 10 years, I’ve since become a fairly accomplished architectural photographer, working on over 60 high profile renovation and rehabilitation projects with such notable credits as: The Standard Hotel, SoCal Institute of Architecture (SCIARC), Yamashiro Restaurant, 4 major Hollywood Studios, and over a dozen historic loft buildings in the newly redeveloped Artist & Old Bank Districts of Downtown LA, in addition to many exclusive residences designed by such esteemed architects as Frank Lloyd Wright, John Lautner, RM Schindler, Ray Kappe, Charles and Ray Eames. Needless to say, Julius Shulman is my idol, and I should be so fortunate to follow in his footsteps.

Out of my architectural work, sparked an idea for a personal photography project and labor of love – documenting LA’s retro “googie” signage and iconic historic landmarks, which I later applied the same concept to in my travels to San Francisco and New York City. I was initially attracted to capturing hyper-colorful old signage and their neon fonts, graphic shapes and construction for fun and use in my artwork, but as the project progressed, I started to feel a sense of duty and purpose in photographing these old buildings and cityscapes. After witnessing many architectural landmarks go by way of the wrecking ball time and time again, it became a personal mission of mine to document these gems while they are still in existence and ideally, play a part in their preservation.

This idea has more recently evolved into a new labor of love project, “geo-tagging” my archive of photographs with GPS coordinates and other such metadata to pinpoint their exact location on a web-based virtual map. I’m currently geeking out with all the latest technology, utilizing Google Earth/Maps to create downloadable maps and walking tours. I firmly believe that utilizing this revolutionary technology has the potential to become an invaluable cultural resource for the historic preservation and architectural communities around the world, and I would love to play a part in photo documenting and mapping historic districts, building by building, block by block. It is my hope that, through the medium of photography, I can play a vital role in the rehabilation process of historic buildings, document our city’s most beloved cultural landmarks, creating a library legacy of photographic images and urban mapping surveys, for future generation’s use.

Carly Caryn Self-Portrait


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